Everyone has a story.

Base31 has a rich and glorious history in both Prince Edward County and with people around the world.


Base31 was built in 1940 as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. This place helped train aircrews from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand during World War II.

We’ve outlined some of its history before, we’ve been to the archives in search of portraits and images, letters and artifacts.

We became enthralled with the humans of Base31. The photos of people and their faces, their clothes, their eyes and expressions. The timelessness of eras gone by.

We selected images courtesy of the Prince Edward County Archives and we installed these images onto Building 8.

People tell us they love how these archival photos look on the building. The scale of them and the way it really encapsulates what Base31 is all about – merging the old with the new, showing the world our process and highlighting the heritage of this iconic place.

Photo credit: Cait Lavoie
Large hanger and storage buidling in faded green at Base31

The call!

So we decided to call out for more.

More humans.

More stories, more faces, more people, more community.

Do you have a photo of a relative who was stationed at Base31? We want to see it and possibly scan it, enlarge it and have it printed in a similar fashion to the photo above. This would be for visitors of the site to admire. We plan to install another 25 images on our barracks and buildings, this time using photos sourced from the community.

Do you know someone who has photos of humans at Base31? Any faces. We are looking to focus on photos from the 40s and 50s but will consider images from other eras.

All are welcome to submit as long as the image includes a human.

You can submit your photos electronically by emailing art@base31.ca

You can also pop by our info booth on Friday July 1st and Saturday July 2nd from 10am-3pm to drop off photos in person.

For any questions around this project please get in touch at art@base31.ca

We can’t wait to see the humans of Base31 and honour their experience of this place.