Your tickets will be sent to you electronically immediately upon purchase. The QR code located on each ticket will allow access to the event.

Base31 Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express

Fees are broken down as follows:

Ticket fee + Handling Fee + HST = Total payable to Base31.

Ticket purchases are non refundable.

You can purchase tickets online at

Tickets are non exchangeable

Yes. But any direct or indirect sale, resale, auction, assignment, or transfer of any Ticket at a price greater than the price showing on the Ticket, as well as any attempt at any of the foregoing, is prohibited.

For ticketed events, patrons 15 years old or under must be accompanied by an adult aged 19 or over. Babies up to 24 months do not require a ticket, but cannot occupy their own seat in seated events.

Individual events may have different age requirements; if so, these will be listed on the event page on the website.



Please check out our contact page on our website for the most up to date map of the site.

There is no fee to visit Base31, however we do have many on-site experiences such as tours, workshops and events which can be purchased through our website or at the Visitor Centre from 9am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday between May 20 and September 17.

Currently, the only way to access the interior of our buildings is to purchase a ticket to one of our events or experiences. Please note that several buildings are private spaces occupied by commercial tenants and cannot be entered without permission by the tenant. Further, please note that a small number of structures onsite are actively undergoing construction and/or stabilization and are unsafe to enter.

You may purchase a ticket to our Historic Walking Tour of the site, which run every Saturday at 2 p.m. and cost $25 plus HST (90 min. tour). Purchase your ticket here.

Yes, we allow well behaved and leashed dogs onsite. You are required to clean up after your pet. Please note that pets are not permitted in event venues. Service animals assisting with accessibility needs during events may be registered by contacting

Daily parking is available in two (2) locations: 1) Kingsley Gate lot, with entrance from Kingsley Road, and 2) Church Street lot, accessible through the site’s main entrance on County Road 22 (Church Street). For Drill Hall and other major events, parking is accessible through the Service Entrance south of the main entrance along County Road 22 (Church Street).

Base31 is undergoing a major site revitalization and modernization that includes a future reconnection to municipal water systems. Currently, washrooms are available through port-a-potties located near the Visitors Centre, Sergeants Mess Hall, and Lecture Hall.

Base31 is located on the 70 acre grounds of the WWII airbase formerly known as Camp Picton and Loch Sloy, and is part of a larger 750 acre site. We run tours of the site everyday Saturday at 2pm throughout the summer. Tickets are available here.

Base31 is currently undergoing a large site-wide revitalization that includes the gradual improvement of areas for public enjoyment. Shade, wind and rain cover is available on the site in selected areas, but guests are strongly encouraged to plan appropriately for weather conditions.

We are currently developing several projects that explore the history of Base31 from pre-settler times  to the present day. We consider the entire site to be a museum, but are working on displays and other information sources to share the history of this special place.


Base31, formerly known as Loch Sloy and Camp Picton, was created in its modern form in 1941 as part of Canada’s contribution to the Allied effort during WWII. It played a key role in training Allied pilots prior to deployment in battle during the war, and was formally titled the “No. 31 Bombing & Gunnery School” of the RAF.

Upon the 2021 purchase of the site, it was renamed Base31 as both an hommage to the site’s critical contribution to aviation and national history, as well as a recognition of its potential to be a springboard from which new and important community and creative initiatives could cluster and grow. Today, Base31 is home to an evolving fusion of arts, ecology, culinary, industry and innovation uses.

We firmly believe in the process of co-creating the future of Base31 with the input, participation and partnership of our community. To support this process, we have launched a campaign of ongoing community engagement known as The Neighbourhood Plan, which invites the community to weigh in and help us form the future of this site. Information about The Neighbourhood Plan can be found here

Base31 is a social enterprise – a commercial organization grounded in a commitment to benefitting community and society.

We are deeply committed to the unique and historic value of this site and are actively working to save and revitalize as many buildings as possible throughout the site

Base31 is owned and operated by PEC Community Partners Inc. (PECCP), which purchased the Loch Sloy business park December 16, 2021. PECCP a group of community builders including Tercot Communities, DECO Communities, PEC Placemaking Inc. and the Rockport Group. The Ontario-based partnership brings together expertise in complete community development, affordable housing and commercial space, mixed-use residential, site servicing and infrastructure, and adaptive re-use of heritage sites with a specific focus on creative placemaking.

Please email: with details about the amount of space required and what you’ll be using the space for.

If you are already a tenant please use this email: tenantservices@base31

Check out job postings here


PEC Community Partners Inc. adheres to all local, provincial and national COVID-19 health and safety guidelines in place at the time of any and all events. We are a mask friendly environment and invite our guests to determine whether they wish to wear a mask

Base31 aims to be a year-round operation, offering a number of happenings and experiences for everyone. Make sure to check our events calendar to see what we have coming up.

We offer an array of packages as a base line and are happy to work with you directly  to ensure a successful wedding/event. Visit to learn more.

We are thrilled to offer corporate hosting and events and the Events and programming team will work directly with you to ensure a successful event. Visit to learn more

Yes, all clients and client’s vendors are required to have a minimum of $2 million comprehensive general liability coverage for property damage and bodily injuries. Further details on the specific coverage and specifications of the insurance coverage can be found in the venue license agreement.

Absolutely! We provide clients with a list of vendors such as floral, photography and musicians, all of which have worked with our events team in the past and are familiar with our spaces. Visit to learn more.


No, our aerodrome does not have fueling facilities and at this time there are currently no plans to install them.


Base31 is exploring camping options and will release information as it becomes available.

There will be no camping in 2023.



Alcohol can be purchased in four licensed  venues across the site:

The Sergeant Mess Hall, The Drill Hall, The Lecture Hall, and The Commissary.

Only the Commissary will have ongoing service hours while the other three will be open during programming.

There is no minimum number of drinks an attendee can purchase at once, unless they are purchasing a large amount and with the intention of consuming it themselves. Staff maintain the right to refuse service to any individual displaying intoxicated or unruly behaviour.

People showing signs of intoxication will immediately be cut off from all alcohol services and will not be permitted to consume alcohol on the premises again that day. The Bar Operations management team will be notified and coordinated efforts will take place to make sure the intoxicated person does not pose danger to themselves for other members of the public.

Security will be notified immediately and action to remove this patron from the premises will be taken.


During concerts in the Drill Hall, attendees will have an opportunity to purchase food from local vendors as well as concession food in the Drill Hall patio. During regular visiting hours, Base31 will have an ongoing F&B area with a selection of food and drink to choose from.


Guests can purchase merchandise at the Base31 Visitor Centre located in Building 26 (Main Office) five days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday. Merchandise will also be available in the Drill Hall and Sergeants Mess Hall.

Yes, we will have a localized merchandise area made available to all attending artists for the Drill Hall.


Base31 is a large, multi-venue site undergoing a major transformation and modernization effort which is still in process. We are working hard to ensure areas for events & high levels of visitor traffic are accessible, but also recognize that some areas of the site remain in unfinished condition, including, but not limited to rugged roadways & gravel/limestone screening pathways, limited nighttime lighting, limited signage and other potential accessibility impediments. As this revitalization effort moves forward, accessible mobility and wayfinding throughout the site will improve.

Base31 Venues including The Lecture Hall, The Drill Hall and the Sergeants Mess will be AODA compliant as well as barrier-free accessibility for all of our guests. Guests with accessibility issues not typically covered by AODA standards are encouraged to contact prior to events.

Please email so we can ensure you have what you need.

While Base31 is a dog-friendly site, indoor event venues typically do not permit entry with animals unless specifically authorized. Anyone requiring entry with service animals is asked to contact prior to event entry.