Nature's Aviators Call For Submissions Prince Edward County Arts Council PEC CP INC

County Arts and PEC Partners Inc. are pleased to be launching a Call for Submissions as part of their shared commitment to expand opportunities for artists to create and showcase their work to new audiences during the Loch Sloy / Camp Picton revitalization effort.

Project and Site – PEC Partners Inc. will be commissioning six (6) paintings to help beautify a section of the facade of the former Officer’s Quarters that will be renovated in the coming months. They will be placed on boarded windows and highly visible from an adjacent garden area.

Theme – Over the past century, the former Camp Picton played an important role in the nation’s aviation history, first as an air training base, and in the decades since as a hub for local flying clubs and aviation lovers. And yet, the location of the site in a region home to more than 300 bird species reminds us that aviation is not just a human endeavour. In reverence of all things that fly, we are asking artists to explore the theme of “Nature’s Aviators” in these commissioned paintings: who and what they are, what roles they play, how they navigate in three dimensions, and what symbolic importance they hold.

Artist Fees – The selected artists will be paid $1,500 (+HST if applicable) for the design and fabrication of a 36 x 64 painting and $3,000 (+HST if applicable) for the design and fabrication of one larger 72 x 64 painting. Artists may submit a similar proposal in both size categories, and may submit up to 2 designs per size category. Artists will be responsible for the full project, from design to fabrication and delivery, and for all materials costs.

Eligibility – This call for submissions is open to all artists. Preference will be given to applicants who reside in PEC & the community of Tyendinaga. PEC Partners Inc. and County Arts are inclusive organizations, and encourage a diversity of candidates to apply, including those from Indigenous, BPOC, LGBTQ2S+, differently-abled, and other equity-seeking backgrounds.

Selection Process – County Arts will facilitate a fair and reasonable arms-length peer assessment process to review applications and select the six winning artists.

Proposal submission deadline: May 17th, 2022
Successful applicants will be notified: June 2nd, 2022
Deadline to deliver final artworks (for selected artists): June 30th, 2022

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