The team at Base31 is taking time to thank you for a history-breaking first year at Base31.

Over the past year, so many incredible moments, happenings and learnings have happened at Base31. 

We have had four seasons of concerts, renovations, connection, art, and most of all a growing community of people who care about what we’re doing here. These are just some of the things that have made this year one for the books. We thank everyone who has been a part of this journey as we create a destination together – our amazing tenants, community collaborators and partners, dedicated vendors, suppliers, supporters and all others who helped Base31 come to life. 

In particular, we’d like to thank you – the County community – for welcoming us with open arms, showing up to collaborate, giving helpful feedback, and bringing incredible energy to all the events we had onsite. It truly takes a village. 

In honour of a wild first 12 months in business, we want to take you back to some of our favourite moments.

May 2022: Base31 had its first community celebration at the Co-Creation Kick-Off, where the official name of the 70-acre site was unveiled. 

June 2022: The first flora was planted in the Aviators Garden, paving the way for an immersive space filled with native species and surrounded by public art. 

July 2022: The first weekend of July brought the launch of our Historical Walking Tours with resident expert Jacqui Burley. The Drill Hall opened in July and Sarah Harmer was the first act to take the stage. Hundreds of people perused the site for the Base31 Community Open House. This month featured creative placemaking highlights including the unveilings of the Natures Aviators submissions and Contentment.

August 2022: David Wilcox, SLOAN and Big Lake Arts Chamber Orchestra graced the Drill Hall space and the Department of Illumination gifted us the Alvar Festival

September 2022: We came into September laughing at the We’re Funny That Way Queer Comedy and Music Festival, dancing with Bedouin Soundclash and singing with David R. Maracle and friends during the Tsi Tyónnheht Onkwawén:na benefit concert.

October 2022: We spent October dreaming and planning with our team, had some fun on site, and continued on the several construction projects ahead of us. 

November 2022: We honoured the rich history of Base31 during WWII and shared stories of remembrance. November also brought the Holly Jolly Market and the seasonal closure of the Drill Hall

December 2022: Base31 dressed up the 1940’s army truck for the Bloomfield and Picton Santa Claus parades and felt the holiday spirit and love of the community.

It has truly been an exceptional year of firsts for the team at Base31, and we cannot wait to share what 2023 or the years to come will bring.