Base31 is working diligently to revitalize over 70 acres of land and the 46 buildings that are on the site.

As part of this important work, Base31 engaged a structural engineer who determined that Building 8 cannot be saved. Demolition of Building 8 will begin in December. Base31 will be salvaging materials from the building where possible.

Currently, work is underway on five buildings with renovations on additional buildings expected to begin in the new year. Base31 has proudly breathed new life into the Sergeant’s Mess Hall, the Drill Hall, the Officers Quarters, which is home to Maison Depoivre Art Gallery and Melt Studio + Gallery, the Lecture Hall, and the Guard House which serves as Base31’s office space.

Safely reusing existing buildings while honouring the history of the site is a priority to Base31 and is one of our core values as an organization. We look forward to continuing this work to welcome more people to the site to learn about this important piece of County history.

Photo Credit: ZMIIMAGERY