Daytime Events

Sensory Garden

SENSORY GARDENThis unique space heightens our senses through nature-based play and creates a special and whimsical place for kids and kids-at-heart alike at the base.ABOUT THE SENSORY GARDENWhether you are a child or child at heart, the new, permanent Sensory Garden offers a unique, whimsical space that heightens the senses (smell, sight, taste, touch and…

Bluegrass Brunch
$16.50 – $27.50 CAD
Sun Apr 28, May 19
10.30AM & 12.30PM

BLUEGRASS BRUNCHSundays – April 28, May 19 Bluegrass BrunchSundays – April 28,  May 19 Get ready to immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of live bluegrass music while savouring a classic brunch spread by Cressy Mustard Co. Join us Sunday, April 28 and May 19 for a family-friendly Bluegrass Brunch that promises to be the…