The November Project with Rob Horgan

The November Project with Rob Horgan

Join Robert Horgan, grandson of Horgie and Peach Pie as he reads their love letters aloud, while accompanied by original music by The Colton Sisters. This will be an intimate evening of love, longing, and reflection. Listen in and learn of a true love story as written from a soldier in the trenches of Italy, 1944, to his waiting bride in Toronto. Highlights of this love story are brought to life with songs, stories, and reflections reminding us of the love that binds our families and our communities together.

The November Project with Rob Horgan is apart of the Beyond the Base: A History Story Series.

Robert Horgan

Robert Horgan received a grocery bag full of +300 love letters, photographs, and other artifacts documenting his grandparents' struggle to get through World War Two. Finding the letters and publishing them helped him to find himself. Robert is passionate about community development and arts education. He can often be found at his local pub, reading his grandparents' love letters at Open Mic. 

The Colton Sisters

Mary and Martha Colton grew up on a farm just outside of Peterborough, Ontario. In their early teens they began singing together, picked up their guitars, and took an interest in songwriting. They've been honing their skills in local venues and festivals such as The Black Horse, Rolling Grape, PTBO folk fest, Artsweek PTBO, Cultivate festival and many more. The Colton Sisters' harmonies create a captivating sound, in the way that only "sister harmonies" can. 

The Pilot's Lounge

Nestled in the historic Sergeants Mess Hall sits The Pilot's Lounge. This space currently serves as the bar for guests seeing a show in the 177-seat performance space at the opposite end of the venue, but comes alive in unique ways as a casual and cozy lounge and live entertainment space in 2024. Perfect for intimate concerts, comedy shows, or community events, The Pilot's Lounge is complete with an original 1960s red-padded bar and a back games room that used to be the hangout spot for soldiers when the site operated as No. 31 Bombing and Gunnery School during WWII.

Sat Feb 17, 2024
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST
The Pilot's Lounge at the Sergeants Mess Hall

The Pilot's Lounge at the Sergeants Mess Hall

343, County Rd 22, Prince Edward