Loch Sloy Business Park Contract Opportunity: Lighting Artist

PEC Partners Inc. is seeking the services of a lighting artist to assist in the revitalization of the Loch-Sloy Business Park, through a 6-month contract. This project has many phases and a long term development vision, but in the near term, we are focusing on the approximately 70-acre former training base grounds consisting of former hangars, barracks, officers’ quarters and related buildings. The history and built-environment of the site create a truly extraordinary character for the area, which a lighting artist will work to turn into a memorable and highly unique onsite experience.

The selected lighting artist will work with the project’s Placemaking & Site Management teams to design experiences using lighting as a primary tool for bringing the site to life after dark, creating atmosphere and points of interest, and assisting nighttime wayfinding and navigation. They will be responsible for proposing lighting installations, sourcing equipment and materials, overseeing installation and providing technical & maintenance support throughout the term of the contract. They will bring an experienced designer’s eye to the process, and a practical, technically-sound, resource-efficient approach.

This is a highly collaborative mandate. The lighting artist will work at the direction of the project, and in collaboration with its team members, consultants, artists and community members from throughout the County. They will report to the Chief Placemaking Officer. This scope of work forms the first phase of the services agreement (May – October 2022), with potential for subsequent phases to be determined at the conclusion of the first phase. It will include:

  • Working with the project team to determine priority objectives and areas for
    lighting installations in 2022 and beyond.
  • Creating concepts for extraordinary, memorable installations throughout areas of the site that create a wondrous, playful atmosphere and amplify other art
    installations and events.
  • Developing technical plans for lighting installations including renderings/mock-ups, equipment and electrical requirements and implementation plans.
  • Managing the approved procurement of materials and equipment in accordance
    with the project’s procurement policies.
  • Running tests and ensuring all equipment is in good functioning order.
  • Building lighting installations and overseeing operations related to them.
  • Overseeing equipment care, storage, maintenance and repair as necessary
    during the contract period, and developing a maintenance plan for equipment
    after the conclusion of the contract.

Principles for the Engagement:
This contract will be undertaken in alignment with a set of core principles:

  • Storytelling – the project endeavours to use art & culture as a tool for connecting
    communities to the site. In particular, we intend to highlight the site’s remarkable
    history as an airbase, and the long period of indigenous presence on the land, as
    well as aspirations for its future.
  • Creating an extraordinary visitor experience – lighting should be used to elevate
    the onsite experience for visitors by creating a welcoming, safe, friendly, playful
    and wondrous atmosphere while enhancing nighttime wayfinding and highlighting
    art installations throughout the site.
  •  Local procurement – to the extent applicable, materials, equipment & labour
    should be sourced from the Prince Edward County region and to the benefit of its
    residents & businesses.

Key Qualifications & Attributes

  • Experienced lighting specialists with demonstrated success in both concept
    development and technical production, with a portfolio of past installations &
  • A highly creative approach to the use of light in creating atmosphere and
    experiential storytelling.
  • A keen understanding of experience design for immersive experiences.
  • We strongly encourage candidates who are local residents and/or business of
    Prince Edward County, or are open to forming partnerships with local
    artists/technicians for the purposes of this project.
  • Availability to be present onsite at Loch Sloy and in the PEC community as
    necessary, including for major events or initiatives on weekends and irregular
  • PEC Partners is a proudly inclusive organization. We encourage a diversity of
    candidates to apply, including those from BIPOC, LGBTQ+, differently-abled and
    other equity-seeking backgrounds.

Application Instructions:

Interested applicants should send a CV and Portfolio of relevant past work to
aweisz@pecpartners.ca by no later than April 22, 2022. Please title the email “Lighting Artist”