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Introducing Prince Edward County’s latest culinary haven: The Commissary. Base31’s vibrant open-air food and drink market and your go-to spot for breakfast eats, après beach cocktails and dinner, and late night post-concert drinks and snacks. The Commissary features five shipping container kitchens with otherworldly menus, plenty of seating, and the Commissary Bar and Cafe — all set within a music-infused vibe.

More than a culinary hub, The Commissary is a nurturing ground for burgeoning talent; welcoming chefs, entrepreneurs, and food and beverage aficionados to create and share their creativity. Aspiring creators foster their ideas and launch their dreams here – and we all get to have a taste! Discover more about each kitchen and our chefs-in-residence.


Courtyard Bar 1
The Commissary Bar and Cafe menu offers group cocktails that ignite conversation and tantalize the senses, like the velvety smoothness of a Blue Piña Colada or the refreshing burst of a Strawberry Basil Smoothie. Specialty beverages are crafted with care, including our Nohito, and we also offer traditional drinks like Iced Tea, but with our own creative spin.

The food items featured in The Commissary match perfectly with our bespoke beverages. Try the Garden Mule, which harmonizes with the flavors of the Slovakian-inspired eats by Pinched. Let the Negroni Sbagliato transport you to the heart of Italy as you savour daily rotational pasta from La Barraca. Shareable cocktails served punch-style are perfect for your group experience.

Enjoy our Pisco Punch or the vibrant Punch House Red and White. At The Commissary, every moment is a chance to delight in togetherness. Join us and discover a world where cocktails are crafted with passion, and every sip tells a story.


“As an immigrant who has lived half my life in Canada and half my life in India, I often question which parts of me are Canadian and which parts of me are Indian. And often the answer to that is ‘I am both’. Canada is a melting pot of various cultures and foods and has opened my eyes to a wide range of culinary experiences. The cuisine that I offer reflects my Indian heritage coupled with the multi-cultural culinary experience that Canada offers.”

Must Try Items: Birria tacos, Tandoori pork tacos and Chana Daal Curry Hummus served with tortilla chips. The entire menu is gluten free!

Instagram: @arvys_street_eats


“I have always been inspired by all of the offerings the land and water give us here in Prince Edward County. We are also so fortunate to have so many talented people producing all sorts of food-related products available to us.”

Must Try Items: Pickerel and chips, seasonal salads and truffle fries. Stay tuned for breakfast offerings too!

Instagram and Facebook: @cressymustardco


“Growing up in large families, food was always the topic of discussion from the moment we awoke. In preparing daily meals for a family of 10 in Joe’s family and 11 in Lynda’s, get togethers seemed to be every weekend, and food was front and centre. Both inspired by and learning alongside their mothers, the tastes, smells and sounds of cooking in the family kitchen have fueled their passion. Together Joe and Lynda set out to bring families and community to Base31 to enjoy their food. It’s comfort food with simple fresh ingredients, staying true to Italian and Sicilian cooking. From fresh pastas to street food.”

Must Try Items: Chicken parmigiana on a bun with La Barraca’s signature sauce and choice of toppings, pizza fritta with fresh parmigiana, basil and sauce, fresh pastas daily on a rotating menu. Gluten-free pasta available.

Instagram: @strazzj


“My cuisine is inspired by my home country of Slovakia and the foods I grew up eating that were prepared by my mother and grandmothers.” Pinched offers Slovak and Eastern European / Hungarian cuisine.

Must try items: Pierogi and schnitzels

Instagram: @pinchedpierogi


“Smoking J’s BBQ is a smoked meat restaurant that has been an idea of mine since moving to the County. My father got a Weber smoker many years ago and that’s where I got my first taste of smoked brisket and ribs. Since then, smoked meats have become one of my favourite foods to cook and eat. Recently I have been influenced by the Texas style of smoked meats which has a savoury flavour profile.

Must Try Items: Sliced brisket, pork side ribs, smoked beans and the Texas twinkie.

Instagram: @SmokingJsBBQ.PEC

Photo Credit: Christine Reid

A special thanks to all of the contributors who made this project possible:

Architect: RAW Design
Landscape Architect: VTLA Studio
Landscape Design – Gardens, Furnishings and Softscape: Wild Child Regeneration
Foundation: Craig Vaughan Construction
Landscape Construction: Always Built Wright
Container Construction: Giant Containers
Mechanical/Electrical Design: Quasar Consulting
Structural Design: Blackwell Structural Engineers
Kitchen and Bar Design: Old Salt
Electrician: Tim Dainard Electric
Plumbing: Lee Cole
Mechanical: Rutter Brothers
Custom Signage: County Precision
Artwork: Terran McNeely, Leanne Rhem
Chefs-In-Residence: Arvy’s Street Eats, Cressy Mustard Co., La Baracca, Pinched, Smoking J’s BBQ
Mixology Garden Plants and Herbs: supplied by Vickie’s Veggies & Eliza in the County